CHUCK EDWARDS Built His Career Taking on The Status Quo

Fighting the Radical Left from Raleigh to DC Chuck Edwards is a lifelong North Carolinian, small businessman, family man, and proven conservative. He’s not a career politician. He’ll stand up to the DC establishment and stop the liberals’ radical agenda, just like he did in Raleigh. 

Securing Our Border

In the NC Senate, I sponsored the legislation that outlawed sanctuary cities in North Carolina. I believe it is the basic responsibility of our government to keep people safe. The Democrats in Washington have failed at that responsibility. READ MORE

Balancing The Budget

I support a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution. It works for North Carolina - it can work for America. READ MORE

Energy Independence

The cost of filling up your gas tank has gone up about $1 a gallon since Joe Biden was sworn in. Western North Carolinians are paying about $25 more every time they go to the pump than they did in January 2020, when Biden became president. Fuel prices are now at a seven-year high. READ MORE

Better Education Means Empowering Parents

Only parents know what’s best for their children – not the government. That’s why in the NC Senate, I’ve fought for more school choice and more transparency by school boards. They should be made up of parents, not bureaucrats.  READ MORE