CHUCK EDWARDS Built His Career Taking on The Status Quo

Fighting the Radical Left from Raleigh to DC Chuck Edwards is a lifelong North Carolinian, small businessman, family man, and proven conservative. He’s not a career politician. He’ll stand up to the DC establishment and stop the liberals’ radical agenda, just like he did in Raleigh.

Securing Our Border

Chuck Edwards’ fight to outlaw sanctuary cities will continue in DC with the fight to secure our border, end illegal immigration, and give law enforcement and ICE the support they need.

Defending Taxpayers & Small Businesses

Chuck Edwards’ first job at age 16 at McDonald’s turned into a successful career that included purchasing the very franchise where his career began. Today Edwards is a conservative fighter and taxpayer champion who successfully cut taxes while balancing NC’s budget.

Protecting Our 2nd Amendment

Chuck Edwards is a licensed firearms dealer whose commitment to defending our constitutional gun rights has previously earned him an A rating by the NRA.

Keeping Elections Safe & Secure

Chuck Edwards stands with President Trump and the fight to ensure the integrity of our elections.