Washington is failing WNC families.  If we’re going to change what Washington is doing, we must change how it works.


Close the Open Border

Joe Biden is failing America by opening our border to cartels, drug trade, gangs, human trafficking, and terrorists. Congressman Edwards is changing that by voting for the Secure the Border Act and continues to pressure Biden to reverse his 64 executive actions that created the catastrophe we see today. In addition, Congressman Edwards helped write or supported over 25 other actions to stop the madness and repair generations of damage caused by the invasion Biden continues to allow.

Changing Washington's Wasteful Spending Habits

From his post on the U.S. House Budget Committee, Congressman Edwards consistently rejects Joe Biden’s spending sprees. According to the Congressional Budget Office, the Fiscal Responsibility Act which Congressman Edwards supported has lowered deficit spending by $2.6 trillion dollars. Congressman Edwards is working on key reforms to the 1974 Budget Act to change how budgets are constructed, eliminating hidden gimmicks traditionally used in Washington to hide spending from our taxpayers, and to root out wasteful spending.

Changing the Hardships at American Kitchen Tables

Bidenomics continues to fail Americans. Prices have risen 17.9% and Bidenflation is costing Americans an extra $1,019 a month compared to three years ago. Congressman Edwards continues to fight to change the spending and policies that are crushing working family budgets. That includes helping unleash American energy production, and reducing crippling and costly regulations. Legislation he wrote or supported includes the Unleashing American Energy Act, the REINS Act, the Ensuring Accountability and Agency Rulemaking Act, and the Building Resiliency Act.

Changing How Washington Supports Family Values

Congressman Edwards supports the rights of the unborn, traditional family values, the right of parents to make the decisions for their childrens’ education, and only for women to participate in women’s sports. That's why he is endorsed by organizations like the Susan B Anthony Foundation and the NC Values Coalition.

Changing How Washington Serves Constituents

"First in Constituent Services" is the mantra of Congressman Edwards, and that of his Washington and district offices. He and his team are providing constituent serves in manner never before seen in WNC. Because of the vast area and rural nature of NC-11 he created and maintains the only mobile congressional office in the United States. The ‘Carolina Cruiser’ has now traveled over 15,000 miles throughout the district making more than 450 stops, listening to citizen thoughts and concerns, and helping solve more than 1,000 cases where constituents had problems with a federal agency.