To:                   Friends of Chuck Edwards

From:               Paul Shumaker, General Consultant

Subject:           Status of the Race, Polling Memos Included

Date:               April 22, 2022

With just six days before early voting begins, Chuck Edwards is the only viable candidate in the field that can defeat Madison Cawthorn.  However, the road to victory will be challenging, and all hands must be on deck and focused on the task at hand. Success is well within reach since past election trend data shows a vote goal of 17,250 votes will put Edwards over the top of all other candidates.

First, the campaign must generate an additional $100,000 in the next ten days.  This is critical for expanding our mail program and instituting a paid get-out-the-vote effort. While Chuck Edwards has generated more campaign dollars for media than any other candidate in the race, we are still falling short.

Our mail program has focused on five counties: Henderson, Buncombe, Transylvania, Polk and Macon.  We need an additional $50,000 to build out the rest of the counties in the closing weeks.  Our mail is focused on Chuck’s record of accomplishments and the issues our polling shows will defeat Madison Cawthorn:  his poor voting record coupled with excessive spending, cutting social security and veterans benefits and requiring seniors to go back to work to receive social security benefits, and instituting a new European-style consumption tax.

We had planned on our TV to remain focused on Chuck’s record and what he would do if elected.  However, if no one rises to the task of focusing on the issues that matter against Cawthorn, we will have no choice but to go directly after Cawthorn ourselves.  This is not without risk, and if we are forced to do so in the next few days, the campaign will need an additional $50,000 on top of the $100,000 in new money.   

We have district-wide radio, and it gives us the flexibility to rebut any attacks by third-tiered candidates like Michelle Woodhouse, who has stated publicly that she would not defend the Second Amendment and Bruce O’Connell who is the only pro-choice candidate running on the Republican ticket. 

Chuck Edwards is the best chance for those who genuinely want to defeat Madison Cawthorn, and May 17th will be the only chance.  All our investors must reinvest in Chuck's campaign today.  In addition, we ask all to reach out and bring at least two friends to the Edwards donor camp in the next seven days.