Chuck Edwards is committed to protecting social security by stopping the Washington politicians who continue to raid the Social Security Trust fund and those who want to reduce benefits to our seniors.  Chuck Edwards understands that those who have already given so much to our communities, state and country deserve to have a congressman they can trust to protect social security. 

Chuck Edwards is a businessman who has proven to us in Raleigh that he will fight to protect the taxpayer and to protect the interest of all our retirees.  

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See What Seniors Are Saying About Chuck Edwards

stan senior for chuck  I support Chuck because he is a conservative. This does not mean that he is unable to work with others – he is able. But he never compromises his principles. Additionally, Chuck is an extremely hard worker. If a single constituent brings an issue to Chuck and he needs to do some homework on it, he does the homework. We could not have a more diligent congressman then Chuck Edwards.  --  Stan Shelley
Chuck's work ethic and proven.  conservative record gives me the confidence that he will carry these same traits to D.C --  Diane Woodard  Diane Woodards
Bob Penland  As a senior citizen as well as retired military I strongly endorse Chuck Edwards for US Congress and urge others to do the same. Chuck has demonstrated by his actions he has the best interest of his constituents at heart. Chuck quietly performs the day to day work that he is elected to do and will continue this at the national level. He successfully introduced and shepherded a bill through 2 legislative sessions which was approved to exempt retired military pay from NC State income taxes.  He has shown through numerous grants and other monies his concern for Western North Carolina. Chuck Edwards is a 'work horse' for North Carolina and not a 'show horse'.  -- Bob Penland

The reason I will vote confidently for Chuck Edwards is that before he ever served in elective office he had demonstrated his hometown mountain values in his family life, his business life, and especially in all he gave back to our community through his civic life.  When he went to Raleigh as our State Senator, he took those values with him, and they guided all he did in his successful career there.  I KNOW, without a doubt, that Chuck’s value-driven leadership will serve us well in Washington. -- Brenda Bradshaw

Brenda Bradshaw 
john dorner   Chuck Edwards is a businessman with great experience in representing my County in the State Senate for six years. In my opinion, we need this experience in Washington and Chuck would make an outstanding Representative for our District. -- John Dorner
I support NC State Senator Edwards because of the moral values and good judgment he brings to the office.  He has been a staunch supporter of our region; decisive and articulate.  And he is willing to intelligently negotiate to overcome entrenched obstinate opposition which is so prevalent in today’s politics.  -- Larry Mobley  Larry at Pfeiffer 
Jackie Eadie  Chuck Edwards will receive my vote because I am confident that he will make decisions in Washington based on careful consideration of the subject and always in keeping with his personal values.  -- Jackie Eadie